Favourite Place of Entertainment If you were to ask people around the world what their was, what would they say. ! Then, you can decide where to take your next trip. 1. Movie Theater Favourite Place of Entertainment One of the best…Read More »

Minion Emoji Art

Minion Emoji Art If you’re throwing a birthday party or just want to add some fun to your life, you can use minion emoji art to help you express yourself. From happy to angry to sad, you can use emoji art to…Read More »

Motorcycle Law Firm

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My High School Bully Raw

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Return Of The Shattered Come 2022

return of the shattered com to be something happening in the sky. Astronomers are calling it the Shattered Constellation.’ For the last few months, there has been a strange pattern of breakups and reconnections among the stars in the constellation Sagittarius. Some…Read More »

New York Osaka Regional Music Competition 2022

The New York Osaka Regional Music Competition is back for its ninth year, and this time around there are more than 100 acts participating. The competition will take place from October 7-11 in New York City, and the top three finishers will…Read More »