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Javed Sheikh Revealed as He was Paid only One Rupee for Film “OM SHANTI OM”

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Javed Sheikh, a veteran actor, has revealed that he only charged Rs. 1 to portray Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the blockbuster Om Shanti Om from Bollywood.

Javed Sheikh told journalist Maliha Rehman on Gloss Etc that he was star-struck and “honored” to have been offered a role in a SRK movie.

Some lauded his devotion and modesty, complimenting him for focusing on the creative experience over financial increase. In any case, netizens reprimanded the veteran entertainer for having no sense of pride for himself, and are humiliated to see a decent Pakistani star stooping so low to show up in an Indian film.

Javed Sheikh explained that the immense honor he received from being offered a role in a Shah Rukh Khan film was the driving force behind this unconventional choice.

Sheik viewed it as an important open door and felt that the honor of being related with a particularly esteemed project offset any monetary contemplations.

While Sheik’s aim was to offer his thanks and the importance he joined to the undertaking, his assertion ignited blended responses among netizens. People on the internet criticized his decision, claiming that it implied a lack of self-respect and diminished his value as a well-known Pakistani actor.

Javed Sheikh is a well-known Pakistani actor and filmmaker who is regarded as one of the entertainment industry’s most revered and influential figures. He has appeared in numerous films and television dramas throughout his career, working in both the Indian and Pakistani film industries.



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